Shaida & Pete – Duo of Dork

 I feel like the luckiest of girls, having found the Love of My Life at a young age. He is my best friend, travel companion and general partner in crime. We are a couple of foodies with a  serious case of wanderlust.  Our first trip to Puerto Rico was a soul changing experience that left us with a deep respect and curiosity for the people, traditions and foods of other cultures.   Pete is an Artist with a love of architecture and art.  I go into nerd fits over history, culture and photography. I am currently learning Farsi with a desire to add many new languages in my lifetime.  As the child of an Iranian immigrant, my life long dream is to visit the beautiful country of my Father.   Pete and I have grandiose plans to see the World, one week at a time.

Question? Comments? Dastardly Plans?